Thursday, October 30, 2014


Ever since I moved into my house (20+ years ago!) I have painted my house number on an old slate roof tile. This year we needed a new fall sign, so it was fun to paint a pumpkin. Very festive and so easy to do, plus it ads personality and fun, rather than using an ordinary house number…

So the numbers in my address add up to 7 (or really 16, but then add them together and you get 7)
I found this fun website and here is what it said it means to live in a house that is a "7".

Every number has a spectrum of energy with positive and negative aspects. The positive aspects of 7 are considered to represent the connection of Spirit manifesting on Earth. Since the 7 energy is so deeply spiritual it requires us to take a retreat from the outside world to contemplate and meditate. Sounds great, but in the constant demands of our daily lives, that's not so easy. If you have 7 energy in your life, and you are NOT taking time to yourself to process and connect with your intuition, you life will create a crisis for you so that you are forced to do so. It can feel like your life is moving out of control and you can simply not keep up. This is true especially if your house number adds up to 16.
16 in numerology is what is referred to as a karmic debt number. As the name implies, this isn't an easy energy to navigate. It can be incredibly rewarding to live in a 7 or 16 home if you are completely dedicated towards solitary and/or spiritual pursuits such as meditating, painting, writing, studying and becoming more intuitive. Then it can be complete peace and bliss. HOWEVER, if that is not your intension, you can find your life spinning out of control. So what do you do in that situation? Turn your attention inward and upward and you will find the peace you require and your life will restore to balance.

I love balance. I have NONE. So perhaps I need to either move, or change my house number to, oh, maybe 6!

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