Thursday, October 15, 2015


I have to be honest, thinking of what to say in my blog post is rarely my favorite thing to do. Far from it. Even when I have something worthwhile to say, putting it down on paper, so to speak, is never easy. Putting paint to paper, now that's a different story. This morning I read a blog on Lori Putnams blog by Jennifer McChristian which was a great morning painting lesson. There is always something to learn, just never enough time to fit it all in! So each day I try to learn new things and apply them. Some mornings, like today, I felt interrupted too often, and felt like my painting just wasn't coming together. The moment came when I had to move on to the next part of my day, and when I came back to take a second look, I was happy with my work. Sometimes you just have to walk away to gain perspective, a fresh perspective. In painting and in life... This 6" x 6" original oil painting is SOLD.

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