Thursday, February 4, 2016


I have a very keen intuition. But learning to listen to it is my constant challenge.
This is a quote from the next book on my reading list:
Even when we're not at a fork in the road, wondering what to do and trying to hear that inner voice, our intuition is always there, always reading the situation, always trying to steer us the right way. But can we hear it? Are we paying attention? Are we living a life that keeps the pathway to our intuition unblocked? Feeding and nurturing our intuition, and living a life in which we can make use of its wisdom, is one key way to thrive, at work and in life. –Thrive, by Ariana Huffington
Here's a must read list of the 10 things highly intuitive people do differently, just in case you are on the same quest to listen to your intuition as I am!
This original 6"x6" oil painting is being donated to an Alzheimer fundraising event.
Painting detail:

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