Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Here are a few fun facts about Marigolds that you may not know...
1. All in the Family — Based on their golden colors, plethora of petals and pretty, symmetrical shape, you can tell they're part of the Asteraceae family, which also includes such delightful blooms as daisies, asters and sunflowers!
2. A Floral Beauty Fix — Marigolds are known for being healing, especially for the skin and eyes. In ointment form, these flowers are used to help treat everything from varicose veins to skin lesions. Plus, they're often included in cosmetics because of their restorative properties. When it comes to eye health, marigolds are thought to help prevent age-related macular degeneration because they contain luteins, which are important nutrients found in many foods.
3. Aztec Lore — Calendula blossoms are native to the Americas, and the Aztecs loved the charming blossoms as much as we do today. Members of the ancient culture actually believed marigolds were protective, so they carried them during dangerous tasks and used them to help heal critical injuries. Marigolds are also the official flower for Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico because of their vibrancy and aroma!
4. Bugs, Be Gone — Marigolds are resistant to a lot of insects. Because the flowers have such a strong scent, many pests try to avoid gardens and other areas where they're growing. Many people even plant them around the edges of their gardens to keep pests out.
5. The Flower of the Rains — It isn't just the Aztecs that have attached lore to this pretty flower. Some believe that the flower can predict when it will rain – if the blossoms open in the morning, it's said there will be rain later in the day.
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