Friday, May 19, 2017

fits and starts

Our busy lives are filled to the brim with fits and starts. Bursts of quick energy trying to get one thing done after the other. Sometimes for me, this can be a good thing. I started this painting yesterday morning and didn't have time to finish it before my day needed to begin. So I dove back in this morning and am happy that it worked out that way. Over night I had time to thing about the painting and really pay attention to clean colors and thoughtful brush strokes. If I had hurried to finish it yesterday I am certain I would not be as happy with it. So in our busy lives, fits and starts are okay sometime, as long as there are rests in between :). Fits and starts and rests....

This original 6"x6" oil painting on ⅛" gesso panel is available, unframed, for $100 here.

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