Wednesday, November 12, 2014

oopsie daisy

I tried for loose and free for this one, inspired by Carol Marine's wonderful book Daily Painting. The book is chock full of wonderful instruction and ideas…super easy to read and understand. And it's inspiring! I am so glad that I became a daily painter (maybe not daily, but at least as much as I can!). I started watching all the "famous" daily painters years ago, Carol Marine, Leslie Saeta, Karin Jurick, Lisa Daria, Duane Keiser, Dreama Tolle Perry, just to name a few…and decided, even though I really didn't have any time for it, I needed to give it a shot and do my best to make it a priority. So I carved out an hour of my day from 6-7 am to paint. Only thing I really had to give up was sleep! So even if you don't think you have a minute to spare, it's well worth the effort to make time to learn and grow, no matter what you enjoy doing. This original piece is 6"x6", painted on archival board, sold unframed for $85 here. Happy painting!

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