Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Are there mornings where you wish all you had to do all day was go to a coffee shop, hang out and watch people come and go, daydream, then leisurely go home and do whatever your heart desired? Maybe paint for a while, fold some laundry, maybe sit on the porch and have an iced tea? Sounds heavenly. But maybe, just maybe if I had days like that I would actually accomplish less. I'm sure I would, but maybe, just maybe it wouldn't matter. Well, that's certainly not in the cards for me today. Just a starry-eyed dream. This original 8"x8" oil painting is available, unframed for $150 here.
This is a detail of my painting. I love the simplicity of a tiny piece of a painting. I would like to try painting one that is just a tiny abstract piece of something.

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