Thursday, December 7, 2017

Carolina Wren aka Santa's Helper

Could this Carolina wren be one of Santa’s helpers? He sure does look like he might be with his fun stocking cap all decked out for the holiday.

This original 6"x6" oil painting on 1 ½" raised panel is available for purchase here

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Santa's helper

After painting santa yesterday (see below), I just had to give some credit to the workers behind all the magic. And this sweet flicker/elf told me something I never knew... Santa employs six elves (plus a few assistants). Elves are the children of Gryla and Leppaludi and are very clever. They help Santa to design toys and process requests of children that are sent to them through snail mail or emails. The popular Western names of the Christmas elves helping Santa Claus are:

1. Alabaster Snowball (Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list). 
2. Bushy Evergreen (Inventor of the magic toy-making machine). 
3. Pepper Minstix (Guardian of the secret of where Father Christmas's village is located). 
4. Shinny Upatree (The oldest friend of Santa and the cofounder of the secret village in Lapland). 
5. Sugarplum Mary (Head of the Sweat Treats, she is also known as Mary Christmas. She is an assistant to Mrs Claus and helps her in the kitchen). 
6. Wunorse Openslae (Designer of Father Christmas's sleigh and responsible for its maintenance. He also looks after the reindeers and it is believed that his reindeers reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights).

So can you guess which one this is? 

This original oil painting is 6"x6" and is available here.

You can read more about these elves here

Friday, December 1, 2017

bah humbug

Bah humbug, this grumpy bluebird is full of grouch this holiday, perhaps he has too much on his “to-do” list, or maybe he’s feeling less than confident that the real santa got his wish list. Hope all turns out well for him and his heart grows larger this holiday season! This original 6″x6″ oil painting on ⅛” gesso panel is available, unframed, for $100 in my Etsy shop here.
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

What's up chickadee?

I've been so busy lately that I am totally not keeping my head above water. I know you all know what I'm talking about. But it's all good and I'm still squeezing in painting time as much as I can. It does bring me peace in the chaos...

This sweet little chickadee, an original 6"x6" oil painting is on 1 ½" gesso panel painted on gold foil, needs a loving home. Find our more here.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

"curious" original oil painting of a tufted titmouse

This sweet curious fella is and original oil painting on gold foil painted on a 1/1/2" raised panel. He is available for $130 here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

finding joy

Joy and pink peonies are a perfect combination! I consider myself very fortunate to have something that I love to do that brings me so much joy. And my hope is that my artwork brings joy to everyone who welcomes a piece of my art into their home. I hope it brings happiness and warmth. There is really nothing better. Enjoy!
This 6"x6" oil painting on 1 ½" raised panel is available, unframed, for $130 here.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

cooper's hawk

This original 6"x6" oil painting on ⅛" gesso panel is available, unframed, for $100 here.