Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Poised, this finch is all ready to go as soon as a wonderful opportunity comes his way. And he's certain that it will. We all need that blind confidence that the next great thing is right around the corner, because it always is!
The House Finch is a recent introduction from western into eastern North America, but it has received a warmer reception than other arrivals like the European Starling and House Sparrow. That’s partly due to the cheerful red head and breast of males, and to the bird’s long, twittering song, which can now be heard in most of the neighborhoods of the continent. If you haven’t seen one recently, chances are you can find one at the next bird feeder you come across.
This original 6"x6" oil painting on ⅛" gesso panel is available, unframed, for $100 in my Etsy shop here.

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