Tuesday, February 16, 2016

French chair

This morning I painted this French chair from Dreama Tolle Perry's online class. My goal is to paint more loosely and more colorfully. She has such a magical style. Someday I would like to spend more time learning from other artists. Right now I just don't have the luxury of time to walk away from life to do something so selfish. But as I read everywhere, you can't wait forever to start doing what you love. That's why, a few years ago, I started painting every morning. And if I can fit it into my schedule, anyone can! I paint between 5:30 and 7 each morning (I do miss a day, now and then). Today this is what happened. What a wonderful way to begin each day. And thank you Dreama for creating a course where I can learn when I can fit it into my crazy busy life.

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